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How it is made? 

That is how we paint our silk scarves, shawls and stoles.

Lot of people are suprised that our silk scarves are really handpainted. Who has already visited our studio in Budapest, could know and see that they are handmade one by one, because we paint them right there, in front of them. 

Now we show you how we do it!

hogyan k;szül a kézzel festett selyemkendő - selyemfestés lépésről lépésre

First step - we plan the scarf or shawl. 

We do everything by hand - no computer, no machines -, so we use the classic tools, such as paper, pensil and rubber. We draw the pattern on a large paper - every pattern has to be drawn first on paper, because we use it when drawing on the silk. These patterns are stored under our huge table to be available when we need them. At present we have more than 200 different patterns and we continuously develop more and more...



Second step - drawing the pattern on the silk

We put the pattern (drawn on paper) under the stretched silk and we draw the lines with silk gutta. The gutta could be gold, silver, black or colorless. These lines separate the different patterns and obstacle the flow of the dye. Drawing with gutta is quite difficult and takes a lot of time to learn, because you have to draw on the air, without support. It is important to have a nice and even line without holes.




hogyan k;szül a kézzel festett selyemkendő - selyemfestés lépésről lépésre

Third step - coloring

No screenprinting, digital printing or other 'magic' - we use brush and our hand when coloring our scarves. We either discuss the colors in advance or let them influence us, but one thing is for sure: the final result is always unique, because we paint the same color combination only upon request (custom orders). Why should we paint it twice?




hogyan k;szül a kézzel festett selyemkendő - selyemfestés lépésről lépésrePreparation and finishing

Before painting we wash out and iron the silk scarves to eliminate everything that can influence the art work. After painting we fix the dye by steam to have very bright colors and soft and shiny silk scarf. After steaming you can wash as many times as you want, the dye will not fade. We give you an instruction how to wash and iron our scarves to preserve its beautiness and you have pleasure for a long time.



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