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Gift for teachers

Would you like to suprise your nanny or teacher at the end of the semester?

Indián nyár selyem kendő - ajándék nőknek, tanároknak, óvónőknek évzáróra, ballagásra. Ajándék nőknek karácsonyra, születésnapra, évfordulóra

In Hungary it is common to give a nice present to the nanny or teacher at the end of the year/semester. After the last exams the parents come together and discuss what to give to the teachers. It is a hard question, because if you would like to give something usable and beautiful at the same time, you have to think it over twice what to give. The parents share their opinions and no unique idea... 


To choose the proper gift is not an easy task. It should not be too personal, because it is not sure that our present fits her taste, but the boring and stereotyped gifts should be avoided - they probably have vase, glass, etc.



Fragrance of rose - hand painted silk scarf for teachers


Gift for teachers - hand painted silk scarves for women.


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