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Birthday gift for women

Ajándék születésnapra nőknek: egyedi, kézzel készült sálak, kendők. A tökéletes öltözet-kiegészítő és ajándék születésnapra. Egész évben hordható örök, színes darabok emberi munkával.

Are you looking for a unique Birthday gift for your partner, your Mother, colleague or friend?

Silk scarves said to be a nice Birthday gift around the year. Due to the continuously renewing supply and countless color combinations you can always find a nice seasonable gift.

What is the favourite style of the woman to be gifted? Order a silk scarf that suits her taste the best. Or choose from our stock - we have only one piece from a certain scarf, that is why it is unique and you won't find your birthday gift everywhere. 

Not only for scarf lovers but for every women who prefer the handmade gifts rather than bulk goods. 

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