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Custom orders

Vevői kérésre készülő selyem kendők, sálak. Ajándék ötletek nőknek minden alkalomra, a te elképzeléseid szerint. Gift idea for those who like unique gifts

Take advantage of our handmade products - you can choose the colors, patterns, style, and everything to have your unique scarf! Wear it or gift your beloved with these gorgeous scarves and shawls. All of our scarves can be adapted to your taste - even to your corporate design. 

Send your favourite symbol, photo, etc. and we plan your own scarf. They are ideal Christmas gift, birthday gift for women, too.

Would you like to give something special for your business partners? Our scarves are great business gifts - small, easy, not fragile, so you can easily take them abroad.

Planning a unique scarf costs about 15-50 USD  depended on the complexity of the pattern. Please inquire about our planning fee by e-mail with the description and photo of your ideas. 

Here are some of our further custom orders - from those whose dreams have already come true


Karácsonyi ajándék nőknek - egyedi, kézzel festett női sálak, kendők. Táncosnőnek arcképpel és verssel díszített selyemsál.

This scarf was planned for a dancer, based on her photos. Her portraits take place on the ends of the shawl - there is a poem between them.

We are loooking forward to painting your dream scarf.

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